Sexy, intelligent quotes from Gene Tierney


“I existed in a world that never is – the prison of the mind.”

“I approached everything, my job, my family, my romances, with intensity.”

“Wealth, beauty, and fame are transient. When those are gone, little is left except the need to be useful.”

“I simply did not want my face to be my talent.”

“I loved to eat. For all of Hollywood’s rewards, I was hungry for most of those 20 years.” — Gene Tierney


8 thoughts on “Sexy, intelligent quotes from Gene Tierney

  1. Great quotes, I love the first one (because I spend so much time in my head – although in my head it’s not a prison but a paradise because I get to make up all sorts of stuff), and also the one about feeling the need to be useful once fame etc has worn off. Very true.

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